The company was founded by Brandy Slate, RN, HCS-D, COS-C in 2012. Brandy has worked in the home care industry for over 14 years as a nurse case manager, ADOCS, DOCS, DON/Administrator, and executive. She has been OASIS certified since 2005 and ICD certified since 2004.  

Codes Correct specializes in home health Quality Assurance. We supply multiple types of Quality Assurance and coding services to the home care community. 

Why Outsource Coding and OASIS review?

  • Reimbursements are optimized via proper diagnosis sequencing and ensuring OASIS accuracy

  • Audits and ADR’s are minimized by using correct codes

  • Down coding and errors are reduced   

  • Nurses are able to focus on patient care/outcomes and Medicare compliance​

  • Quality measures are critical to survival and in the near future, in a system of value based purchasing, reimbursement will be dependent upon proven quality

Why use Codes Correct?

  • Dedicated team for your agency with a manager, coordinator, and assigned coders

  • Certified coders and OASIS staff

  • 48-hour turnaround

  • Using your EMR system with a HIPPA-compliant connection

  • 24/7/365 operations

  • ICD 10 Ready

  • Quality Focused

  • Custom Solutions available to meet your agencies unique needs

  • ​Our Clients are 100% satisfied