Coding Services

Nurses are able to focus on patient care/outcomes and Medicare compliance​

    The Financial Impact

It is important to track the true cost of coding to your agency.  Most RN’s with the appropriate training will earn $28-35/hour with true job cost ranging from $37-$44/ hour.  If these employees are coding five charts a day the cost to the agency would be approximately $64/chart.  That is a significant cost considering the agency is bearing the clinical and financial risk of a w-2 employee.  Utilization of Codes Correct for contracting coding generally reduces agency true cost by $20-30/episode.

Codes Auditors

Auditors who are coding certified will review history and physical of the patient as well as pertinent OASIS questions and the medication profile. The OASIS will be coded with a primary diagnosis and then correctly sequenced with other co-morbidities impacting the Plan of Treatment for the patient.